Finding Vegetarian Recipes

So my husband and I are trying to eat healthier and one of our goals is to have 1 or 2 vegetarian days every week. This seems to be a task easier said than done, though, as many of the recipes I’m finding include tofu or “meat substitute.” Come on! It’s called “vegetarianism” not “meat-substituteism.” It seems like most vegetarian recipes that I have found on the internet are trying to convince me that they’re just as BBQey as meaty recipes, instead of highlighting the benefits and abilities of fruit and vegetables. Why on earth do so many of the recipes I’ve found require some crazy meat substitute product?

Quite frankly, I thought I was going to find a lot more creative ways to eat vegetables out there; ways to make things taste good without meat, not just finding some strange mixture to substitute for meat. Beef is beef, people, and you’re never going to find anything that is as tasty and that has the same exact texture, thickness and richness to it. So why bother trying?

Show me that vegetables can be awesome on their own! After all, that’s what you’ve been saying all along, isn’t it? Prove it!

I posted my frustrations in my status on facebook and a very good friend of mine shared this website with me: Hallelujah Acres. I haven’t looked around the site in any depth, yet, but I’ve briefly perused the recipe section and whatdya know? It seems as though these people get it! Although it appears that some recipes call for tofu, most of them don’t. And, as a plus for me, it’s not all curry flavored!

One recipe I just printed out is Creamy Banana Milk. They say it can be substituted for cow’s milk, even in baking. I’m willing to give it a try. The ingredients seem to be things that I’ll probably be able to find at my local Cub Foods, without a trip to the mondo-expensivo Whole Foods Coop down the street. I know that this delves into veganism, but most of the people in my family are allergic to cow’s milk anyway.

**Update 1/5/2016**

Wow, I was pretty frustrated about finding vegetarian recipes! Luckily, I’ve found some amazing resources, mainly America’s Test Kitchen and their book The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook. Their recipes are a bit fussy, but they are worth the effort! I just made an Italian Vegetarian Stew and it was absolutely amazing. Flavorful, with all the right textures. It was like eating chili. I’m glad I found that book and hope others out there find it as helpful as I have.

Oh, and I got over my dislike of curry flavors 🙂


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